The 5 Fastest-Growing EdTech Companies Explained

The world of education is changing rapidly with the rise of technology. New companies are popping up every day and many are succeeding in their endeavors to provide better learning opportunities for students around the globe. In this blog post, we want to introduce you to some of the fastest-growing EdTech startups on our radar. These businesses represent the future of what’s possible in education, so be sure not to miss out on what they have to offer!

What is EdTech, and why does it matter to you?

The term EdTech (short for education technology) refers to the use of online digital resources in schools and universities. These can include virtual classrooms, video lectures from experts, interactive simulations, or anything else that helps learners engage with course materials while they are on their own time.

Why does this matter? Education is a hugely important part of our society – businesses need skilled employees so it makes sense for them to invest in training programs that will help them recruit top talent. But what about individuals who don’t have access to quality educational institutions nearby? That’s where EdTech comes into play as well: students are able to enrich themselves by accessing better information than was previously available before! The opportunities are endless when you consider how much more accessible knowledge has become.

EdTech is also a hotbed for innovation and creativity: with so many different types of learners using the technologies in new ways, there are always more experiments being conducted to find out how we can better serve our students’ needs! The possibilities are endless when it comes to this field – which means that EdTech will never be boring.

The TOP 5 companies for EdTech in 2021

With so many companies out there, it can be difficult to weed through the list and find the ones that will best fit your needs. We’ve done some research for you – this is our prediction of which EdTech startups are going to top the charts in 2021!



MasterClass is a company that has reinvented the idea of education. Rather than subscribing to an expensive degree program, MasterClass offers video lectures from world-renowned experts in various fields available for purchase one module at a time. Current modules include topics like cooking with Martha Stewart and acting lessons with the legendary Robert Downey Jr., among others!

One thing we really love about Masterclass is their commitment to quality: these videos have been shot exclusively on location or in studios by professionals who know what they’re doing – you get personalized attention without sacrificing anything! The classes are also taught by people who excel in their field and can offer insights that might not be possible if you were just reading course materials off your computer screen.

A Cloud Guru

Founded in 2012, Cloud Guru is an education company that focuses on helping students learn how to code. They offer a wide variety of courses and resources, including

  • tutorials for beginners as well as advanced topics;
  • video lectures from experts like John Sonmez;
  • interactive simulations.

Their goal? To create the largest global community of developers by 2020.

The company has partnerships with companies like Google, GitHub, Microsoft, Facebook and more who provide lectures for learners to watch live or catch up later; this means there are plenty of opportunities to learn all sorts of valuable skills from professionals at some of the world’s leading tech companies.

Course Hero

Course Hero is a company that developed an app to help students better organize their time while studying. It’s the perfect tool for any student who has ever felt like they have too many things competing for their attention! Course Hero offers a wide variety of features, including:

  • a personal dashboard;
  • the ability to sync across devices so you never lose your work.

Users can also track how much progress they are making through various interactive graphs – which means it’s easier than ever before to see where improvement might be needed in order to reach one’s goals! The best part? This service is completely free with no ads or hidden costs involved!

Course Hero believes strongly in empowering its customers by providing them access not just to information in the form of course materials, but also tools and advice.

Course Hero is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals; they offer resources that will help customers work smarter rather than harder.


In this fast-paced world, it’s no surprise that threats to our digital data are more common than ever before. GoGuardian is a company committed to improving the way we think about and protect our information. In order to make sure students can do their best work without having to worry too much about security issues.

Their offerings include:

  • protecting school networks with an anti-virus product;
  • helping schools manage cloud storage solutions more effectively;
  • offering one of the most secure web browsers currently on the market – Google Chrome Enterprise (available for free).

The team at GoGuardian has been working hard since 2012 when they first launched their browser extension which notifies users each time they visit a site containing malware.

Their goal? To make sure students and teachers can do their best work without having to worry about security issues – no matter what device they’re using.

GoGuardian is committed to protecting school networks, helping schools manage cloud storage solutions more effectively, as well as offering one of the most secure web browsers on the market!


Screencastify is a company that offers an easy and inexpensive way to record your screen. This means teachers can create videos of lectures or presentations, easily share them with their students, and save themselves the time it would take to deliver these lessons live!

The team at Screencastify makes sure customers have everything they need in order to get started:

  • a free Chrome extension;
  • the ability for users to use any camera connected through HDMI (e.g., desktop webcams) as well as capturing from mobile devices like iPads and iPhones via AirPlay Mirroring – this last one being perfect for schools who are trying out BYOD programs because all you need is a MacBook Pro or other laptop with built-in webcam.

What can we learn from them about how to be successful too?

Though there are many factors that go into the success of a company, there is one thing all these companies have in common: they know their target audience and have cultivated customer relationships. This means it’s important for EdTech startups to make sure they’re targeting people who will find value in what you offer – not just those with money!

For example, if you provide video lectures from professionals at some of the world’s leading tech companies but your product isn’t geared towards K-12 students or higher ed institutions, then chances are good this demographic won’t be interested in using your service.

It also might help to think about all possible ways you can reach out to prospective customers; whether through email marketing campaigns or social media posts (e.g., Facebook, Instagram), there are plenty of ways to get your message out and let people know what you do!

Why should you care about EdTech at all?

The EdTech industry is booming and there are a number of reasons to care about this trend. From improving education, making learning more engaging for students – even the adults around them – all the way up to becoming an employer in these fields; it’s important that people know what’s going on so they can make informed decisions when looking for opportunities (or when deciding which ones to avoid).

EdTech startup companies are constantly emerging as new technologies emerge, but some things never change: knowing your target audience and cultivating customer relationships will always be key components of success!


The fast-growing edtech industry is changing the way we interact with education, making it more accessible for everyone. As a society that doesn’t have to choose between career and family anymore, these companies offer us unlimited potential in what was once an impossible situation.

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