11 Sports Betting Startups Funded by Sharp Alpha Advisors

Sharp Alpha Advisors, a venture capital fund that invests in early-stage startups, has closed on its $10 million funds. The VC firm is now looking for 11 of the best sports betting startups like MostBet to invest in and help grow. Sharp Alpha Ventures will look at all types of sports betting companies from those interested in daily fantasy games to ones that offer a live sports betting platform for users or even an alt-currency focused on esports.

Since the company is only looking at eleven startups, there could be over 300 applicants trying to get one of the limited spots available. If you are interested in applying with your startup then apply here before October 20th and make sure that you meet their criteria which includes not focusing solely on U.S.-based players but also offering services across borders as well because it’s important to consider what might happen if marijuana becomes legal nationwide or if there are any changes to online poker regulations in the future.

Sharp Alpha also mentioned that this is a fantastic time for sports betting companies because of how much interest they’re getting from investors and people who want to bet on events like which team will win an upcoming game or what player might score next during it. There has been around $128 million invested into esports-focused startups so far with nearly half being put towards daily fantasy games with over $50 million spent on those types of firms already as well. While these figures are encouraging, Sharp Alpha believes their investments could be even more profitable than usual since both markets have strong potentials but still show plenty of room for growth. MostBet is one company that would love to see legal sports betting become available in all states as they already offer a unique platform for customers to bet on the outcome of games.

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