Pro Services

Accelerate data integration, deployment, and adoption with Authentica Pro Services

Experienced Innovators and Leaders in the Ed Tech Market

Authentica’s Pro Services team provides a unique combination of tech skills and education experience resulting in insightful solutions that best meets the needs of the K12 customer. From cross application data integration to training and adoption, Authentica’s proven approach gets your team up and running faster, accelerating your district’s return on technology investments.

With Authentica Pro Services performing all the tasks necessary for new data integrations and data management solution deployments, district implementation teams are able to stay focused on their current projects.

A consistent, proven approach to data management

Authentica’s Pro Services team has developed the AIM™ process for data management deployments based on multiple, enterprise app deployments in the education market. AIM provides a repeatable framework to apply to future deployments, and a clear path for training, adoption and support across the district.

Using the AIM process, districts take advantage of more rapid deployments, defined targets for success and more transparent communication reducing delays in deployment, adoption and support.

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