Partners in K-12

We’re your partner for solving data challenges in the K-12 market.

Partners in K-12

We’re your partner for solving data challenges in the K-12 market.

Before a K-12 school district implements new technology or software, there are a lot of questions that have to be answered. How long will it take to implement? Can we integrate the new product with our existing programs? How will we securely store the data we collect? How do we access this data?

For many K-12 software and technology providers, answering these questions can be difficult. Authentica offers partners an open, proven platform combined with an experienced, professional team to give you everything you need to answer these questions with confidence.

Fast Deployment

Partnering with Authentica means you can serve your customers faster. Don’t waste your own resources on development and deployment; our team has you covered with a proven process for a swift deployment of your product.

Seamless Integration

Our partners get full access to the DataSense EdTech Platform, meaning integrating your customers’ existing core systems with your solutions is easy. Plus, you can offer your customers secure data management services, custom analytics, dashboards, and reporting.

Long-Term Support

We’re not going to leave you out in the cold once your application is up and running. Our research and development team is always improving platform performance, and we offer top-notch support for you and your customers.

See exactly how Authentica and our DataSense solution can help you with implementation, deployment, and management of your EdTech applications.

Authentica’s understanding of the K-12 education space along with our focus on data quality, security, and maintenance, enable us to represent our Partners with unparalleled performance and customer satisfaction.

We’ll help you increase customer satisfaction by:

  • Removing data management constraints with the DataSense EdTech Platform
  • Enabling a greater choice of enterprise applications among your customers
  • Lowering your costs for implementations and deployments
  • Reducing the time-frame associated with deploying new applications

Solve difficult data challenges for your K-12 customers.

Complex data challenges can hold your company back from pursuing opportunities, or worse, negatively impact the customer experience. Authentica offers a solutions plus services approach to solving data management challenges for you and your higher ed customers.

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A Trusted Platform for Data Integration, Data Management and More

DataSense Cloud Solutions for K-12 Providers


DataSense Integration

A single solution for data integration that adapts to any existing applications without the need for custom development. This helps you accelerate deployment, adoption, and return on technology investment.


DataSense Dashboards

Through the DataSense Cloud Solutions, we can customize dashboards for your district to display all the data you really need. Access status updates, metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your school from one screen without bouncing between applications.


DataSense Education Data Store

A centralized data store, combining all data elements into one data stream in the common CEDS format. Using the STore as the hub for data input, output and sharing simplifies data integration across any number of applications, while ensuring higher data integrity for your customers.


DataSense Reports

Explore your school’s data and create shareable and printable reports with DataSense Reports. Easy to read and often just one page, our reports use custom parameters and graphical presentations to represent your data.

DataSense Analytics

Powerful analytics capabilities made possible by the bi-directional data flows set up with DataSense Integration and the Store. Your customers can actually use their data to explore trends and run reports using third-party tools or DataSense Dashboards. 

DataSense State Reporting

Connect your school district’s reporting data directly to the State Department of Education for stress free and compliant state reporting. Reported data can be viewed and approved by the district before submitting to the state.

Serve your customers better

  • Faster Deployment

    Data integration between enterprise apps can be a drain on your resources. Partnering with Authentica reduces deployment and adoption time frames which allows our partners to close more customers, thus increasing revenue and lowering costs. Our partners typically see data integration time-frames reduced from six to eight weeks to under two weeks.

  • Happier Customers

    Using the DataSense EdTech Platform simplifies data integrations between applications, allowing partners to combine solutions into suites. This can be used to promote up-sell and cross-sell, allowing customers to choose the best technologies to meet their unique requirements.

With direct experience with over 80 of the leading enterprise solutions in the ed tech space, no other team has the hands-on experience to help you meet every customer’s data management requirements.