edtech engineering services

EdTech Engineering Services

Launch powerful enterprise applications & custom solutions with our EdTech Engineering Services team.

Our world-class innovators and technology leaders will guide you through the conceptualization, design, build, and maintenance of your custom application to delivery insightful solutions for your educational institution and stakeholders. Our engineering team will rapidly deploy value to you by leveraging our years of Education Technology Experience, Proven Delivery Methodology, and Advanced Education Technology.

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Education Expertise

Our team has over 192 years of combined experience in delivering Enterprise Software in K12 and Higher Education. We understand enterprise technology within the Ed Tech space and understand how to delivery both support and new feature development to school districts, universities and education technology providers. .

Excellent Custom Solution Delivery

We engineer, support, and host applications for some of the largest school districts in the US. We support an entire IEP software solution for districts such as San Diego USD, Clark County, NV, Marion County, FL, and provide data management for over 150 districts across the US.

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We build custom EdTech solutions for education’s biggest obstacles.

The EES Team at Work

We are a trusted engineering partner of Houston Independent School District (HISD), the seventh largest school district in the nation. Our EdTech Engineering Services team designed, built, deployed, and supported MyEshars.com which is HISD’s proprietary Medicaid Services Billing Application that serves over 100 districts within the state of Texas. Our team also designed, configured, and deployed our cloud-based IPaaS Education Technology Stack to provide ongoing hosting and support services to the MyEshars.com application.

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Adoption Improvement Methodology

Our EdTech Engineering Services team utilizes our one-of-a-kind, proprietary Adoption Improvement Method to provide excellence in project management. Our Adoption Improvement Method is derived from over 18 years of implementing enterprise software solutions into Education Institutions and proven to be highly effective in extremely small (127 students) to the extremely large (750,000 students) schools, ensuring adaptable, long term adoption practices are the core focus.


The Adoption Improvement Method provides a repeatable framework to apply to future deployments, and a clear path for training, adoption and support across the district. Using the Adoption Improvement Method process, schools take advantage of more rapid deployments, defined targets for success and more transparent communication reducing delays in deployment, adoption and support.

See how the Adoption Improvement Method can improve and speed up EdTech deployments. Contact us today to learn more.

Leveraging EdTech

From our many years of experience in providing technology solutions within education, we have derived an Advanced Education Technology Stack that is reliable, secure, scalable, and highly automated to provide rapid deployments and hosting of high quality Ed Tech solutions. By leveraging our EdTech Stack you gain the immediate benefit to rapidly deploy data Integration, better data management, reporting, and analytics services into your custom application. We save you the time and cost of building these services by utlizing our sound technology platform that is ready to be adapted to your custom needs.

DataSense Cloud Solutions

Authentica’s DataSense Cloud Solutions provides an automated way to complete and manage all of your data integrations needs. The Cloud Solution also provides management and analysis of your data through the DataSense Education Data Warehouse and DataSense Analytics, Dashboards and Reporting features. The DataSense Cloud Solutions are an integrated suite of products designed to provide you with the tools to securely manage data across all integration points.

Microsoft Partnership

Authentica is a certified Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Authorized Education Reseller (AER) with Microsoft Corporation. We have a direct partnerhship with the Education group at Microsoft and constantly discuss ways to provide advanced education services to K12 and Higher Ed. We have worked with Microsoft to leverage and configure their Azure Cloud solution to provide a best-in-class technology platform specifically catered to serve the needs of the Education domain.

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The Authentica EdTech Engineering Services team is ready to partner with you to deliver world-class education solutions.

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