Authentica Solutions Certified for IMS Global Learning Consortium OneRoster® 1.1

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K-12’s Leader in Data Integration and Data Management Achieves Conformance Certification for the OneRoster 1.1 Standard.

Atlanta, GA, May 23, 2017– Authentica Solutions, a data integration and data management leader, announced today that it has achieved conformance certification for the OneRoster® standard 1.1 in the following areas:

  • OneRoster V1.0 CSV Export Bulk & Delta
  • OneRoster V1.0 CSV Import Bulk & Delta
  • OneRoster V1.0 REST Data Consumer
  • OneRoster V1.0 REST Data Provider
  • OneRoster V1.1 CSV Rostering Import Bulk
  • OneRoster V1.1 CSV Rostering Import Delta
  • OneRoster V1.1 CSV Gradebook Import Bulk
  • OneRoster V1.1 CSV Gradebook Export Bulk
  • OneRoster V1.1 REST Data Consumer Rostering Core
  • OneRoster V1.1 REST Data Consumer Gradebook Pull Core

Authentica’s award winning IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution, DataSense, provides one central administrative web UI for building, deploying, managing, and monitoring all data integration processes across multiple applications. As the 2017 winner of the EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award for Best District Data Solution, DataSense is a proven solution for educational institutions to easily share all their purposeful data between their software applications.

The DataSense IPaaS solution is built with flexibility in mind. It utilizes and conforms to many open standards. DataSense integrations have been implemented in hundreds of educational institutions across the country, creating bi-directional flows of data between enterprise applications used in school districts and universities.

Russell Long, CEO at Authentica Solutions, said “ Our mission is to accelerate the flow of learning. We are very excited to be certified in all areas of conformance with the OneRoster standard 1.1 through our DataSense IPaaS. This means we can provide data integrations for our channel partners and school districts that are compliant with all OneRoster versions. Education technology should help students learn – not leave school districts stressed about data management and application integrations. We help schools better manage their OneRoster data, while providing powerful reports and dashboards through our DataSense Cloud Solutions.”

IMS Global Learning Consortium is a community of education and technology leaders from around the world working together to advance an open architecture that supports learning in the digital age. Its OneRoster standard provides a standard way for school districts to securely publish class roster information and exchange grades between certified platforms.

“ We are pleased that Authentica Solutions has achieved OneRoster v1.1 conformance certification for its DataSense IPaaS solution,” said Dr. Rob Abel, CEO of IMS Global Learning Consortium. “Authentica Solutions’ support of OneRoster will help districts accelerate their transition to digital to support personalized learning”

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About Authentica Solutions

Authentica Solutions is an education data management company providing data driven software solutions with a core focus on:

K-12 Data Integration
Centralized Data Management
Education Analytics
Custom EdTech Solutions

Authentica Solutions was established in 2013 after our many years in K-12 to serve school districts, departments of education, and Ed Tech software companies seeking to design, develop and implement highly technical, enterprise software and interoperability solutions.

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