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Authentica adds Trust Platform to its Product Portfolio.
January 24, 2017

Atlanta, GA – Authentica Solutions announced today that it has acquired Pip Learning Technologies, a Trust Platform® and Single Sign-On Company. Pip Learning Technologies was part of the 4th cohort of startups in LearnLaunch, a premier EdTech accelerator based in Boston, MA. The Trust Platform® is an online platform for schools that helps protect student privacy online. The platform helps districts manage access to sensitive data as well as connect educators to online applications.

Many school districts today have both existing on-premise applications and new cloud applications. The Trust Platform® bridges the gap between these application environments by providing a secure identity management platform, while allowing school IT departments to maintain control.

Jean Hammond, co-founder and partner at LearnLaunch, commented, “We are thrilled to see one of our accelerator companies be acquired. Our goal at LearnLaunch is to seed worthwhile Education Technology companies that have an impact. We have always felt that PIP has that potential, and the acquisition by Authentica Solutions provides a growth vehicle combined with other great products.”

The Trust Platform® service provides Single Sign-On, User Role Management and Parent Connections. The Trust Platform® service encourages innovation in the classroom while protecting student privacy on-line, freeing up teaching time, and connecting all the stakeholders of learning, including parents.

Authentica Solutions is driven to provide PaaS solutions to solve some of the most challenging opportunities within K-12 and Higher Education. Through their DataSense Cloud Solutions they build, deploy, manage and monitor technology solutions for the Education Technology Community (school districts, higher education institutions, and software vendors). The addition of a trusted identity platform provides another innovative cloud technology for their customers.

Russell Long, CEO at Authentica Solutions, said “ Our goals are lofty and worthy at Authentica Solutions, endeavoring to create something the EdTech community can rely on in order to remove all the obstacles with the integration, management, and reporting of their data. By bridging the gaps between dispersed data from multiple sources we can offer meaningful insight and productivity gains which helps maximize learning through innovative cloud technologies, processes and expertise. The addition of a Trust Platform and Single Sign-On capabilities fits perfectly with our DataSense Cloud Solutions and meets additional needs our customers have”.

The Trust Platform® helps schools manage the digital shift in education with a portfolio of cloud services that focus on maintaining student privacy and data security while bridging the gap between secure technology usage from the Kitchen to the Classroom.

Tyler Gannon, Founder of PIP Learning Technologies commented that “I think Authentica Solutions is providing a great service in the Education market. The mission of the Trust Platform® is to help schools and families benefit from the power of internet education resources responsibly and this completely fits with Authentica’s products and culture. Authentica Solutions also provided a successful exit for our company and a way for the Trust Platform to continue to grow.”

About LearnLaunch

LearnLaunch is dedicated to connecting, supporting, and growing the education technology ecosystem to drive innovation and transform learning. We are a vibrant community, delivering educational events, a selective accelerator program and a collaborative co-working space. We are based in Boston, a world education hub. LearnLaunch Accelerator is a leading edtech start-up program, personalized for each entrepreneur. After a highly selective application process, LearnLaunch accelerator provides the most promising edtech startups worldwide with seed funding, an unmatched team of mentors, intensive coaching and all the tools needed to grow a successful edtech startup.

About Authentica Solutions

Authentica Solutions was founded on the premise that Education overall has diverse technological needs and extremely high demand for a solutions provider to fill niche gaps toward solving significant challenges for students, teachers, educators, administrators, and all learners. We are an education data management company providing education driven software solutions with a core focus on Exceptional Learning solutions, data interoperability, centralized data management, learning analytics, and custom software solutions. Authentica Solutions is Accelerating the Flowing of Learning.

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