Authentica Solutions Announces the Release of DataSense RapidRoster

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K-12’s Leader in Data Integration and Data Management announces the release of a no charge data integration solution for Education Institutions

ATLANTA, GA (June 23, 2017) — Authentica Solutions, a data integration and data management leader, announced today the release of DataSense RapidRoster.

RapidRoster allows educational institutions to quickly connect disparate academic systems to facilitate the interchange of student enrollment and teacher assignments. RapidRoster is based on the IMS Global OneRoster® standard. Using DataSense Cloud Platform for Integration and the centralized DataSense Educational Data Store, RapidRoster provides the ability to identify the destination system and rapidly exchange roster data.

DataSense is an IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution and a 2017 winner of the EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award for Best District Data Solution. DataSense IPaaS provides one central administrative web UI for building, deploying, managing, and monitoring all of the data integration processes across multiple applications. The DataSense solution provides an easier way for educational institutions to share all their purposeful data between their software applications. RapidRoster is one of components of the DataSense Cloud Solutions offered by Authentica.

Student Information Systems supported by DataSense RapidRoster today include: PowerSchool, Illuminate SIS, Central Access, and Student Data Sync from Microsoft. The data elements extracted include outbound OneRoster® formatted student and teacher roster data.

Russell Long, CEO at Authentica Solutions, said “ “Our mission is to accelerate the flow of learning. In releasing DataSense RapidRoster, we are giving back to school districts and the EdTech community. Now it is very easy for schools to set up data flows between their SIS and other K12 applications using our self-service wizard. Education technology should help students learn – not leave school districts stressed about data management and application integrations. We help schools better manage their OneRoster® data through DataSense RapidRoster!”

IMS Global Learning Consortium is a community of education and technology leaders from around the world working together to advance an open architecture that supports learning in the digital age. Its new OneRoster standard is focused on the schools’ needs to exchange roster information, including a standardized CSV file format that replaces what is typically exchanged between schools and their vendors.

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About Authentica Solutions

Authentica Solutions is an education data management company providing data driven software solutions with a core focus on:

K-12 Data Integration
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Education Analytics
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Authentica Solutions was established in 2013 after our many years in K-12 to serve school districts, departments of education, and Ed Tech software companies seeking to design, develop and implement highly technical, enterprise software and interoperability solutions.

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