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Authentic approaches to deploying K12 enterprise technology

For K12 Education

We introduced the Adoption Improvement Method. Then, we invented DataSense. Authentica’s K12 cloud service, DataSense, allows you to connect any combination of cloud or on-premise software creating integrations that enable a streamlined, consistent approach to data management. We offer DataSense IPaaS, Integration Platform as a Service, as a federated or when combined with our Centrifuge CEDS ODS, a centralized solution for managing all student data.

Focus on Adoption

You start your initiatives with great goals centered on student achievement, teacher performance, community service or administrative efficiency. Yet, you often walk away dissatisfied with the results and with your vendors. How do you fix this? Focus on Adoption rather than Implementation.

For Technology Providers

We provide K12 software providers with the latest in IPaaS, Integration Platform as a Service solutions through our DataSense series. We unify all data integrations in a single cloud solution offering a fully federated, centralized or extended control options for software companies and districts.